What's a cookie and why we need them?

Almost all websites store cookies in your computer! Thanks to cookies, we can provide you a secure access to your profile at Skinography, it's the mechanism that allows us to know who you are when you access your account; this way, we can grant you access to manage your profile, upload your photos and every other functions at Skinography.

Technically, a cookie is a small file that's stored in your computer when you access Skinography. By doing this, everytime you connect again to Skinography, your browser tells us about this cookie and we can confirm that you -and nobody else- is accessing your account.

Skinography, as almost any other website out there, stores cookies in your computer because we need them to give you our services. Additionally, we use this cookies to know when you connected for the last time and to learn about your way of using Skinography. But you don't have to worry: Cookies are a really secure method and don't store any personal nor private information about you. They don't even store your username nor your password.

We use Google Analytics to get anonymous statistical information about the usage of our site, and some of the ads at Skinography are managed by Google AdSense. This is why Google may be storing some of their cookies in your computer when you're visiting Skinography, but they never store your personal nor private data. You'll find here more information about Google policies around their cookies..

If you don't want Skinography to store cookies in your computer, you can deactivate them in the "Configuration" (also called "Tools" in some browsers) option in your browser, but Skinography won't work properly without cookies, and you'll find lots of errors!

You can see our Complete Terms of Use about cookies here.

We use cookies with respect. What's a cookie?