My photos on flickr and similar look sharper!

Flickr and other similar sites apply an artificial sharpening filter to your photos to make them look apparently sharper. That's not a bad idea, but we prefer to leave your photos intact; we believe that you should keep total control on how your works are shown; that's why we do not apply absolutely any filter to your images. We only resize the to fit the web page, and that's all. As long as you use the standard "sRGB" color profile, you'll be completely in control of your images.

If you want, you can force an artificial focus in your images just like Flickr does to make your images look apparently more focused, it's easy: Prepare a medium resolution version of your imagen (i.e: 1400 pixels wide), and apply a sharpening filter. Make the image look sharper, save it and upload it to Skinography normally.

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