What's the best format and color profile to upload my photos?

The photos must be in JPG format. To obtain the best image quality, save your JPG files with a high-quality setting, and upload your images with a minimum resolution of 1 megapixels. To get the maximum possible quality even on high resolution displays like the "retina", upload your images with at least 4 megapixels.

Have you noticed changes in the colors of your photos once uploaded? Maybe there's some conflict with the color profile assigned to your photo. We work with the industry standard "sRGB" profile; convert your photos to this profile before uploading to keep your colors intact.

Careful! The "sRGB" color profile and the "RGB" color mode are completely different things! What we're referring to is the "sRGB" color profile: You can see the color profile of your photos and convert them from the "Edit" > "Convert to profile" Photoshop menu.

We do not apply any filters, you're in control of your photos How do I know how many megapixels have my photo? What are the high-resolution and "retina" displays?
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