Is it safe to pay via Paypal?

Paypal is the pioneer company on payment methods over the Internet. It was founded on 1998, almost at the same time as Internet was born. On 2002 it was acquired by eBay, and is nowadays one of the healthiest, oldest and most successful companies in the whole Internet.

Paypal expertise when it comes to managing online payments guarantees a high security level for your data and transactions: Skinography does not sees nor stores in any way your credit card information. Also, Paypal offers additional guarantees when you need to request a refund for your payments, and a really useful dispute solving system that allows you to inmediately claim a refund for any of your Paypal payments. This guarantee is additional to the one provided by Skinography itself, adding even more security and peace of mind to your payments on Skinography.

In lots of ways, paying via Paypal is safer than giving your credit card in a restaurant. This is why Paypal is the number one choice for almost all big companies around the world wanting to provide secure payments for their customers.

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