What's the identity verification?

The identity verification is a very important additional security measure that will make other users trust your profile.

To avoid impersonation and frauds, the users of Skinography can verify its identity by sending a copy of their ID card (ID Card, DNI, NIE or analogue ID documentation). Skinography checks this information so other users can be sure your profile is genuine and you're not being impersonated, and to avoid false accounts.

Verifying your identity is not a requisite for using Skinography, but it's strongly recommended.

Once your identity is verified, the icon "verified identity" will appear in your profile, so other users can be sure yours is not a false or impersonated profile.

Unfortunately, the increasing amount of frauds over the Internet has led us to implement this additional security measure. You can read more about this frauds in our official fraud annual report, and in our notice for fraudsters.

About the security of your data when sending your documents, you don't have to worry: All the documentation you send us is private and never will be published in any way, and it's managed securely the same with we do with every other private information, as we state in our sturdy data protection policy.

Request your identity verification
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