About the mandatory identity and age verification

To use Skinography you must be at least 18 years old.

Sometimes, to assure that our terms of use are being respected or when we suspect a user might be under legal age, we can require a user to verify its identity as a security measure. In those cases, the user will receive a notification and its account will be suspended until the identity verification is finished.

Normally, this happens when we receive lots of reports from other users about a suspicious behavior, or when we feel necessary to be sure of the identity of a user to prevent frauds, impersonations or false accounts.

If your account has been required to a identity verification, don't get angry: It's a security measure thought to assure the good work environment at Skinography and fraud-free for all the users. Verifying your identity is very easy and it will only take you some minutes. Also, once your identity is verified, all the users will be very confident with your profile. Please take into account that this process is also meant to avoid other people impersonate you.

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