What about the image rights of my photos?

When you upload a photo or any other content to Skinography, you're giving us the legal right (image and/or author rights, depending on the case) to publish it in our site, in Skinography's mobile APPs and in Skinography's social profile on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and similar. This is normal, since otherwise we would not be able to show your photos in your profile, nor in any other part of Skinography.

Of course, this doesn't gives us the right to reproduce, publish or sell your photos in any other way. That means: We only publish your contents in our site, in our APPs and in Skinography's Facebook, Twitter and similar social profiles; we will never sell them nor give them to thirds.

You must be aware that every single internet site that publish contents from their users needs to have this kind of policy. You can see all the details about this in our Terms of use.

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