How we make Skinography safe?

We're here for the nude photography art, and for the art only. To guarantee that Skinography stays within our vision, and to provide a healthy place where nude models can feel comfortable, we've implemented this strategies:

Pornography is not allowed

We stay away from pornography because it distorts the purpose of Skinography.

We don't have a signup button

Instead, our curators give invitations to photographers and models we feel will contribute to the network and are in tune with our same view of artistic nude photography.

Users are categorized

Each photographer and model at Skinography is considered individually by a curator and assigned one of our three categories:

Rookie skinographers are novice but motivated, they love nude photography and are willing to learn and grow.
Passionate skinographers are talented and experienced artists that inspire with their creations.
Skinography stars are extraordinary artists that make us dream and worship beauty on its most pure state.

Customizable contacts

For example: If you're an experienced model looking only for professional work, you can adjust your contact settings so only Passionate and Star photographers will be able to contact you.

Privacy is paramount

Users decide whether they want their profile to be public on the Internet or visible only by other Skinography users.

What do you think about this safety policies? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram.
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