No pornography

Allowing pornography or not on has been a matter that arised lots of conversations within our team, we also asked for your opinion and received some interesting solutions.
It's without any doubt a problem that arises lots of "what is art?", "who can judge art?" and "what is the limit of self-expression?" type questions. We tried to address this philosophical implications while keeping our vision clear about our goals and what we want Skinography to become.

It can be argued that pornography can also be an artistic expression, there's no doubt about that. The reality is, though, that this only happens in just a very few cases, and that in the vast majority of them, pornography is being created not to attain a purely artistic result, but rather a mere sexual arousal. This is precisely why nudity and pornography are considered two different disciplines with also rather different dictionary definitions.
It's undeniable that Skinography would become a very different site if it were full of pornography, and that would rapidly transform its purpose and become a place to find sexual arousal instead of creative stimulation, a place that would scare models truly interested on creating images where the beauty of the naked body is used as a canvas for the artistic expression, rather than an excuse to obtain sexual excitation. We think this would be very far from our desires for this beautiful project, and that's why we've decided to not allow pornography on Skinography.

What is pornography and what is not?

We tried and tried to build some sort of guidelines, checklist and "do's and dont's" about what's pornography to address that question. We even tried artificial intelligence image recognition algorithms, and we've been doing so since 2004 thanks to our other projects involving the same problem. And our conclusion is clear: No one knows.
Like in all artistically-sensitive matters, there is no way to cathegorically say whether an image is pornographic or not, whether it contains nudity or not, or simply whether it's a great image or not. That's because we're all humans, and humans are different from each other.
You might think you would be able to distinguish whether an image is pornographic or not, but you'll find soon enough lots of other images that will make you hesitate, and sooner or later you would have to take a guess based on your beliefs, your experience, your tastes and your knowledge, thus making your judgement a biased one. And that's great: What's art if not the accumulation of subjective perspectives, tastes and radically different artistic beliefs?

What will be the rules then?

We will have a single starting rule: "If you think your image is pornography, please do not upload it". If someone decides to upload graphic images or images that are difficult to classify, other users will still be able to report their images; those reported images will be then manually reviewed by a member of our staff.
Skinography is specifically aimed to nudity, so you shouldn't ever have any problem uploading any kind of nudity, but when it comes to review alleged pornography, our staff will review the image using his own, subjective taste and experience, so things like the artistic quality of the image, or the technical execution might be part of the staff considerations. We will try to do our best to be precise and thorough, but our priority will be to keep Skinography a safe place aimed to artistic nude photography lovers, far from the pornography industry or aficionados.

What about minors?

We won't accept any image with minor models, whether they're naked or not, even when the photographer has an image rights model release for the model. Just to be safe.

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