Wanna help?

This is the moment to take hard decisions that could potentially define our future. We want Skinography to be built for your specific needs, so we would like to ask for your opinion on some questions we're trying to solve right now:

#1 Private profiles

The privacy of your photos is really important. Would you like to have the option to make your profile at Skinography "request-only", so only the users you accept can see your info and photos, just like Instagram?

#2 Pornography

Pornography can be also an inspiring discipline of nudity, but most of the times is just ... another thing. Do you think pornography must have a section on Skinography?

#3 Allowing censored images

At Skinography, there will be no need to censor the nudity by placing black strips on top of your photos, but some users will still upload censored images for many reasons. Should we allow those photos, or should we require only non-censored images?

Your opinion will be very much appreciated! Please let us know by mentioning @skinography_net on Twitter.
Stay tuned for upcoming news and development follow-ups during the next weeks! We use Twitter and Instagram.
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